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Established in 2012, is a cutting tools company dedicated to developing, designing, producing & selling and providing technical support for high-end numerical controlled cutting tools.

We independently design, develop and provide high-end steel numerical controlled products for both domestic and foreign markets, based on professional and technical personnel and a series of high-end domestic and foreign production and inspection equipment, including Hermle 5-axis machining center, CMM, ZOLLER tool detection, etc.

We can also design and make all kinds of non-standard numerical controlled cutting tools suitable for domestic and foreign products according to customer’s requirements. Besides, we can provide technical advice, after-sale service and turn-key project for Customers.

Our products mainly consist of standard and non-standard numerical controlled cutting tools with high-performance processing technic, such as milling cutter, turning cutter, boring cutter and drilling cutter. In addtion, they contain various kinds of roughly processed and highly processed, light cut and heavy cut cutting tools. Our product line covers a wide range of areas including mold manufacturing processes, vehicles, wind power and nuclear power, railway, aviation, space and so on.
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