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When manufacturing economy is your biggest concern, indexable drills are the right solution. Whether it is general drilling, plunge drilling, or stack drilling, find the indexable drill that suits your specific needs here.


Next generation indexable drill

Remarkable machinability with high stability

Applicable to a variety of materials

Enhanced insert durability with new grade (TT9080/CT5320)

One insert for both internal and external pockets

Hangzhou Chai Cutting tools Co.,Ltd, established in 2012, is a professional Indexable Drill Cutter Company engaged in the research and development, production, sale and service of various cutting tools. Our main products include CNC turning tools, milling tools, drilling tools, boring tools and many kinds of toolholders, inserts, which apply to a wide range of areas, inlcuding mold manufacturing, vehicles, wind power and nuclear power, railway and aviation industry.Chaitools has gained the ISO9001 quality management system certification and established a complete quality control procedure.After several years' hard working, the performances and indexes of our products is close to or exceeds the cutter of domestic and foreign first-level mainstream brands, and has the well applicability and economy.