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Solid Carbide Drill Manufacturers

Incorporating a wide range of geometries, coating and diameters, Diverse portfolio of solid drills excels across a broad spectrum of workpiece materials, from steel to stacked composites

Optimized geometries provide options for challenging applications, including irregular exit shapes. With these tools you can use high feeds and cutting speeds and achieve close hole tolerances with geometries suitable for all workpiece materials.

Diameter range 2.0 – 26 mm 

About Hangzhou Chai Cutting tools Co.,Ltd

Hangzhou Chai Cutting tools Co.,Ltd, established in 2012, is a professional Solid Carbide Drill Manufacturers and Solid Carbide Drill factory in China which engaged in the research and development, production, sale and service of various cutting tools. Our main products include CNC turning tools, milling tools, drilling tools, boring tools and many kinds of toolholders, inserts, which apply to a wide range of areas, inlcuding mold manufacturing, vehicles, wind power and nuclear power, railway and aviation industry. Chaitools has gained the ISO9001 quality management system certification and established a complete quality control procedure. After several years' hard working, the performances and indexes of our products is close to or exceeds the cutter of domestic and foreign first-level mainstream brands, and has the well applicability and economy. We also custom Solid Carbide Drill.

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Industry knowledge

What are the advantages of using solid carbide drills over other types of drills?What are the different types of coatings available for solid carbide drills?

Solid carbide drills have several advantages over other types of drills. They are made from a single piece of carbide, making them more rigid and less prone to deflection or vibration. They also have a higher hardness and wear resistance, which results in longer tool life and greater precision. Solid carbide drills are also capable of cutting at higher speeds and feeds, resulting in faster and more efficient drilling.
Solid carbide drills can be coated with a variety of materials to improve their performance and extend their tool life. Some of the most common coatings include titanium nitride (TiN), titanium carbonitride (TiCN), titanium aluminum nitride (TiAlN), and diamond-like carbon (DLC). Each coating has unique properties that make it suitable for different applications.

How do you choose the right solid carbide drill for a specific application?

When selecting a solid carbide drill, it is important to consider factors such as the material being drilled, the size of the hole, the desired hole finish, and the required production rate. Different types of solid carbide drills are designed for specific applications, such as drilling hardened steel, aluminum, or composites. It is also important to consider the geometry of the drill, such as the point angle and the flute design, to ensure optimal chip evacuation and minimal heat generation.

What are some common causes of premature tool failure in solid carbide drills?How can solid carbide drills be optimized for high-performance machining?

Premature tool failure in solid carbide drills can be caused by a variety of factors, such as improper tool selection, incorrect cutting parameters, or inadequate cooling or lubrication. Tool wear or damage can also be caused by workpiece material variations, such as hard spots or voids. It is important to regularly inspect the tool for signs of wear or damage, and to adjust the cutting parameters or tool selection as necessary to ensure optimal performance and tool life.
High-performance machining with solid carbide drills requires careful consideration of cutting parameters such as speed, feed, and depth of cut. It is important to use appropriate coolant or lubrication to reduce heat and prevent tool wear. Proper tool geometry, coating, and material selection can also contribute to high-performance machining. Additionally, advanced toolpath strategies, such as trochoidal milling or high-speed machining, can be used to further optimize performance and productivity.