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2020 ChaiTools Annual Conference --- Bringing you cost reduction technology strategies

At the beginning of the new year, on January 4th, the annual meeting of Chaoer Holding Group was successfully presented in Hangzhou, the headquarters. A total of 400 guests and employees from some users, distributors, suppliers and other employees from all over the country felt this warm moment.
The whole morning's product exchange meeting gathered everyone's attention. Deputy General Manager Deng Wenxin told in detail the typical stories of thousands of product applications in Chaoer's three production lines, from face milling, three-sided edge, corn milling, to U-drill, alloy drill , crown drill, as well as non-standard milling, non-standard hole processing, non-standard turning series, covering high-end practical applications in the fields of auto parts, rail transit, mold processing, heavy industry and general machinery, dazzling partners.
In 2019, Chaoer customized more than 2,700 new products and new standard products for customers. More than 30% of the new products were included in the new samples in 2020, which allowed everyone to appreciate the innovative attitude and strength of Chaoer.
The sharing of cost reduction technology strategies for users has been well received by customers. The analysis pointed out that if the tool price is reduced by 20%, the production cost can only be reduced by 0.6%, while the production efficiency can be increased by 20% through tool optimization, and the production cost can be reduced by more than 15%. Therefore, in the spirit of altruism, it has become our action to improve the production efficiency for the user's overall processing process. Specific strategies such as improving cutting efficiency and reducing costs, increasing tool life and reducing costs, changing face milling to fast feed, changing ordinary tools to composite non-standard tools, and replacing high-end imported tools with superlatives, etc. Inspiration, brought everyone full of dry goods, and won a round of applause.

The dealer symposium in the afternoon can be said to be touched again and again. This time, it is a pity that many interested dealers did not invite due to the hurry of time. The people who come here are friends who often use Chaoer products. They visited the two production lines of Chaoer Hangzhou and improved the products of Chaoer. The line layout and the continuous enrichment of products are very happy, and they are full of confidence in future cooperation. Some friends said that they are going to sign an agreement on the spot.

The staff meeting was also held in the afternoon. The heads of the three factories communicated face-to-face, and the reports on procurement, financial management, and marketing ideas for the new stage of opportunity period allowed colleagues who are usually scattered in many places to have a deeper understanding. Chairman Lu Yongzhong thanked everyone for one year. , and pointed out that we have opened up the product line, and our advantage lies in non-standard products.

Putting on a Chaoer red scarf and stepping into the golden hall of the "Thank You Dinner", everyone scrambled to take photos, overflowing with the joy of gathering. Deputy General Manager Cai Genzhi delivered a speech on behalf of the company, thanking the friends at the scene and the full support of customers all over the country, which has made Chaoer make great progress. In 2020, we will strive to live up to our time with more enthusiasm and provide better products and best services. Dedicate to intelligent manufacturing, give back to customers, and serve the motherland!
The dinner ended with customers and business elites sharing the stories of Chaoer's replacement of high-end imported knives. The artistic performances of each unit are full of fun and lingering voices...