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2020 Greater Bay Area Industry Fair

Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an New Pavilion), compared to last year's DMP Greater Bay Area Industry Fair, was opened here for the first time, and the various facilities outside have been completed, giving you a new feeling. Management is smoother. Scan the itinerary card at the gate, and the big green arrow will guide you through.
From the south gate, we quickly entered Hall 2 (formerly Hall 4) where we are located. We are in booth C01, next to the main passage at the entrance of No. 5, with eye-catching dresses, and the Yushu is facing the wind to welcome you!
Before coming to the booth, you will see beautiful complete sets of products, which is also a fragrance of the whole industry chain that we continue to invest in the R&D and manufacturing of carbide inserts, drills and cutter heads. In particular, professional cutting tools in subdivision fields, such as special tools for energy, rail transit, general machinery, precision molds, auto parts and other industries, are suitable for tools for various processing methods.
If you have the topic of improving the use of knives, if you have the idea of ​​improving efficiency, and if you have the original intention of serving the country through industry, then, here, please talk about it.
Products must be watched, cooperation must be discussed, and rest must be eaten.
The beautiful spring-like Shenzhen, the splendid Greater Bay Area Industry Fair, Chai Tools, welcome you to come and visit!