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Aluminum alloy milling cutter


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With Over 20 years of persistent efforts by our team, We have grown into one of the high-end professional Aluminum alloy milling cutter suppliers and Wholesale Aluminum alloy milling cutter company in China. Chai Cutting Tools strictly implements procedures such as screening and auditing of raw material suppliers, incoming material testing, and incoming material comparison; first-class production process design and program control make each batch of products more stable and traceable, and obtain efficient production control. OEM/ODM available.

The following information is help you to understand more:

  • Industry experience: Over 20 years
  • Product Category: 10000+
  • Number of patents: 41
  • Plant area: 3000m²+
  • Technician: 30+
  • Annual Production Capacity: 90 million (100,000 steel products,
    10 million blades)

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